Data Recovery

On most occasions lost data can be recovered

Hoop creative has data recovery software that allows us to scan hard drives, USB devices, SD cards and other storage devices for lost data to retrieve deleted and formatted data.

SD cards (camera card), USB storage devices and hard drives.

If you accidentally delete images or data from your camera card or USB device first thing you need to do is to remove the card or USB device straight away. If you continue to use the card or USB device any new information or images taken will override existing delete images making it near impossible to retrieve the lost data.

If you have used the card or USB device there is still a possibility we can retrieve some of the lost data.

Check your recycle bin.

If you have deleted files from my computer or computer or Windows Explorer they are normally placed in the recycle bin. These files are easily recovered by opening the recycle bin via the icon on your desktop. Simply browse through the files in the recycle bin until you find the deleted files and right click on a mouse and click restore. You will now find the files are back on the location from where they originally deleted them.